How an Integrated Customer Data and Analytics Platform Can Boost Email Marketing

September 18th by Black Ink Team

Data silos and poor database organization can cause bottlenecks in any email marketing campaign, leading to higher costs and lower ROI. Here's how an integrated customer analytics and marketing platform can fix that.

How a CRM Enables You to Sell Smarter and Faster

September 5th by Black Ink Team

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or dealer of consumer durable goods a quality CRM can do wonders for your team. Here's how.

EyeOn Suite Feature Highlight: Geo-Mapping

August 6th by Black Ink Team

The EyeOn Suite's built-in geo-mapping function can help you spot missed opportunities, prepare effective presentations, and more. Here's how.

Outbound Marketing: How to Find Quality Leads and Convert Them

July 18th by Black Ink Team

Best practices for finding prospects, engaging with them, and optimizing your social media.

Inbound Marketing: Ways to Make Your Ads More Appealing

July 18th by Black Ink Team

Channels available for companies to reach audiences with and how you can use them.

Profile of a Database Manager

July 18th by Black Ink Team

Attachments, logins, firewalls, SQL… the lowdown on daily activities for database managers.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Statistical Distributions

June 26th by Black Ink Team

We talk a lot about equipment distributors, but now it's time to talk about statistical distributions.

The Black Ink Team’s Guide To Data Encryption

June 19th by Black Ink Team

To ensure their information never falls into the wrong hands, businesses encrypt messages they send through networks and files they store in databases. Here's how that process works.

Natural Language As A Second Language

June 17th by Black Ink Team

"Hey Alexa, how does your brain work?"

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Stock Market Indexes

June 3rd by Black Ink Team

Investing: it's a numbers game. Here is an explanation for how stock market indexes get calculated, how they are used, and why investors are 'bullish' on them.