The Black Ink Team’s Guide To Data Encryption

June 19th by Black Ink Team

To ensure their information never falls into the wrong hands, businesses encrypt messages they send through networks and files they store in databases. Here's how that process works.

Natural Language As A Second Language

June 17th by Black Ink Team

"Hey Alexa, how does your brain work?"

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Stock Market Indexes

June 3rd by Black Ink Team

Investing: it's a numbers game. Here is an explanation for how stock market indexes get calculated, how they are used, and why investors are 'bullish' on them.

Black Ink Technologies' Blog Roll

June 3rd by Black Ink Team

The top consumer durable goods publications targeted at manufacturers/distributors/dealers.

Why Blockchain Might Not Work

May 22nd by Black Ink Team

In case you haven't heard, businesses are starting to think about implementing blockchain technology into their data warehousing systems. Here are a couple reasons why that might be a bad idea.

What Your Computer Says About You

May 21st by Ken Gibson

This is an informative article telling you about the various components inside a computer, what they each do, and how to choose the right ones to buy.

The EyeOn Suite

May 14th by Black Ink Team

Let's discuss our product.

Customers' Wants vs. Customers' Needs

May 6th by Black Ink Team

As a marketer, it is your job to convince customers what they want is not in fact what they need. This article will tell you about different technologies that can help you do just that.

Measuring Carrots: How Managers Can Use CRM to Assess Compensation/Performance Correlation

April 16th by Black Ink Team

A boost in salary, a higher commission rate, a few extra vacation days... which motivational tool should you deploy to get your salespeople to sell more? Here's how CRM can help you decide.

Pro's Quota: Minding Your P's And Q's With CRM

April 11th by Black Ink Team

Professional customers are dealers' bread and butter, so to speak, but keeping them is hard. Here's how CRM can help an organization manage its top accounts.