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Black Ink Technologies: Boston, MA
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What is Black Ink

About us
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Black Ink is SaaS-based analytics platform exclusively designed for premier equipment manufacturers, distributors, and independent dealers. It identifies new growth opportunities across products, people and places so you can sell more product, faster and smarter. We are the only solution that uniquely combines and analyzes 3rd party data, married up with your sales order data to provide greater sales, marketing, and financial visibility across the entire supply chain – from sell-in to sell-through.

Who is Black Ink

Jeff Winsper

Jeff is the founder of Black Ink Technologies. He offers more than 20 years of leadership experience in technology-based sales and marketing products and solutions. He has worked with and for companies such as IBM, SAP, Siemens, Teradata, Akamai, and Pitney Bowes Software. Additionally, he has a range of experience across manufacturers and dealerships such as Beachcraft, Pilatus, CarpetOne, Timberland, and STIHL USA.
During the burgeoning years of B2B tech in the 1990’s, Jeff was a founding partner in the nation’s largest technology marketing firm with annual billings of $250M+. He has spoken and published a range of topics regarding data analytics, sales and marketing ops, and customer-centric performance. Jeff was also a four year board member for MASB.org.

Dmitry Bochkov
VP of Engineering

Dmitry is responsible for research and development of the Black Ink data platform and analytical algorithms, as well as operations of the Black Ink cloud infrastructure.
Dmitry has twenty years of experience in analytical data processing and technical leadership in enterprise software. Prior to joining Black Ink, he led software development at Pilot Software (acquired by SAP), Vertica (acquired by HP), Endeca (acquired by Oracle), and most recently DataGravity. He is a graduate of Moscow State University with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
In his approach to business Dmitry follows his vision of unity of data, algorithms, and visualization. He also believes that proper communication brings success in execution of any complex initiative.
Dmitry lives with his family and pets in New Hampshire. He is an active volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, and tying flies for the next fishing excursion.

Denny Dow
Product Manager

Denny helps our clients gain the best insights from our offerings to be successful. He is a liaison for the users, making sure their needs and suggestions are taken into account with every update and progression of our platforms. By learning both the technological processes and what’s important to the user’s day-to-day goals, Denny works to establish himself as a trusted voice for clients from initial conversations through on-boarding and continually through subsequent releases.
Denny hails from a small Massachusetts town and his education background gives him a strong footing in regional economics. His career in operations, strategy, and customer relations for both large financial technology businesses and manufacturers selling through independent dealers has given Denny a unique viewpoint into the part small businesses play in the greater economic landscape, and what it takes to get the job done. He has recently begun to learn to surf, though at this point he has spent more time under the waves than on them.

Daphne Fiske
Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager, Daphne serves both our internal R&D team and the external clients with her expertise and background in dealer relationships (previously working with Ford Motor Company), while serving as a trusted advisor and advocator for the unique business model. She is a liaison between the product and development team to our clients, providing knowledge and insights that will best serve our technology and the end user. Daphne is also our in-house project manager, ensuring all goals, expectations and timelines are on track for the success of our company product releases.
Daphne is originally from Maine, but don’t hold it against her, she was one of the few who had access to electricity so technology is not a new thing for her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her German Shepard mix who’s constantly guilt tripping her for leaving her alone while she goes off to work.

Michael Paladino
Customer Success Manager

With an academic background in philosophy and chemistry, as well as professional experience in real estate, music, market research, and account management, Mike brings a unique blend of analytical and interpersonal skills to Black Ink. From providing individual client attention to conducting thought leadership webinars, he translates across our technology, the industries we serve, and our users to ensure that clients leverage the EyeOn products to their fullest potential.
Mike comes from Woburn, MA, and loves contemporary art, music, and craft beer. As an Eagle Scout, he enjoys the outdoors, and is quite proud of that time his carry-on wheel broke at the airport and he was able to fix it with a pen and a comb. He is also a foodie, and has begun learning to cook and bake.

Iryna Teixeira
Product Marketing Specialist

In charge of product marketing, Iryna provides both inbound and outbound marketing programs to the marketplace and Black Ink users helping them understand ongoing product launches, enhancements, new releases, and the overall business benefit. She uses multiple channels and digital platforms such as Salesforce.com, iContact, Google, public relations, social media, and the EyeOn Suite Platform itself. New challenges don’t stop her and she continues to trailblaze her way through the world of digital marketing.
Moved from Ukraine to Boston to peruse a Master degree, she fell in love with Boston. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and visiting new places.