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Black Ink Technologies: Boston, MA
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What is Black Ink

About us
Who we are
Black Ink is SaaS-based analytics platform exclusively designed for premier equipment manufacturers, distributors, and independent dealers. It identifies new growth opportunities across products, people and places so you can sell more product, faster and smarter. We are the only solution that uniquely combines and analyzes 3rd party data, married up with your sales order data to provide greater sales, marketing, and financial visibility across the entire supply chain – from sell-in to sell-through.

Who is Black Ink

Jeff Winsper

Jeff is the founder of Black Ink Technologies. He offers more than 20 years of leadership experience in technology-based sales and marketing products and solutions. He has worked with and for companies such as IBM, SAP, Siemens, Teradata, Akamai, and Pitney Bowes Software. Additionally, he has a range of experience across manufacturers and dealerships such as Beachcraft, Pilatus, CarpetOne, Timberland, and STIHL USA.
During the burgeoning years of B2B tech in the 1990’s, Jeff was a founding partner in the nation’s largest technology marketing firm with annual billings of $250M+. He has spoken and published a range of topics regarding data analytics, sales and marketing ops, and customer-centric performance. Jeff was also a four year board member for MASB.org.

Michael Paladino
Customer Success Manager

With an academic background in philosophy and chemistry, as well as professional experience in real estate, music, market research, and account management, Mike brings a unique blend of analytical and interpersonal skills to Black Ink. From providing individual client attention to conducting thought leadership webinars, he translates across our technology, the industries we serve, and our users to ensure that clients leverage the EyeOn products to their fullest potential.
Mike comes from Woburn, MA, and loves contemporary art, music, and craft beer. As an Eagle Scout, he enjoys the outdoors, and is quite proud of that time his carry-on wheel broke at the airport and he was able to fix it with a pen and a comb. He is also a foodie, and has begun learning to cook and bake.