Black Ink Technologies' Blog Roll

June 3rd by Black Ink Team

The top consumer durable goods publications targeted at manufacturers/distributors/dealers.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To How Loans Work

May 30th by Black Ink Team

You want to grow your business, but lack the funds to do so. How do you obtain the materials you need? The answer: loans.

The EyeOn Suite

May 14th by Black Ink Team

Let's discuss our product.

How Building Materials Distributors Can Utilize AI

March 8th by Black Ink Team

From soup to nuts, building materials distributors can benefit from having artificial intelligence check their data and optimize their processes. Here's how.

The Black Ink Team’s Guide To How QR Codes Work

January 14th by Black Ink Team

Even if you live life off the grid, you have probably seen a QR code. This article describes what they are and how small independent retailers can use them to grant easy access to information to their customers.

When You Can't Win Fighting Big Box, Lose To Other Competitors

January 9th by Black Ink Team

Tired of losing business to Big Box stores? Here's a strategy that is guaranteed to help get more people interested in your service-oriented business model.

How An RFID System Works

January 7th by Black Ink Team


Read this to find out what RFID tags are, what types they have, how much they cost, and how RFID scanners read them.


Why Having A Good Distribution Strategy is Important for Building Customer Relationships

January 3rd by Black Ink Team

Read this to learn about different distribution strategies and how they affect your company's reputation with its customers.

Material Handling & Industrial Transportation: The Future vs. The Present

January 3rd by Black Ink Team

Here's how warehouses and transportation methods are changing and how, as a result, the logistics landscape will never be the same.

How Breaking Down Data Silos Facilitates Easier Supply Chain Management

January 3rd by Black Ink Team

Employees in sales, logistics, and supply chain management roles have a duty to proliferate as much information as they can within their company, and here's why.