Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (“BOPUS”)

March 25th by Jeff Winsper

Here's how independent retailers can stengthen their online presence to satisfy some of their customers' demand for instant access to information.

Numbers Don't Lie: Chances Of Scoring A Goal In Sports

March 24th by Black Ink Team

Sports are about consistency - consistency of play, consistency of rules, and especially consistency of equipment. Here is some statistical analysis of sports goals and balls.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Product Packaging

March 21st by Black Ink Team

Product packaging should not be like gift wrapping - the goal is to minimize the mystery of what's inside rather than the opposite. This article explains the major areas of product packaging that are important for keeping your product safe in shipping and making it sell more in stores.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Motion Control Systems (Open Vs. Closed Loop)

March 21st by Black Ink Team

So you want to automate your factory.... Should you use an open loop control system or a closed loop control system? Reading this article will help you understand the difference between the two.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To IP Addresses

March 21st by Black Ink Team

Here's an explanation for what the numbers that make up your computer's or smartphone's IP address mean.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Machine Learning

March 21st by Black Ink Team

Machine learning as a term applies to self-modulating and -correcting algorithms. For a more in depth explanation, follow this link.

The Black Ink Team's Guide To Industrial Pipe Fittings (Part 2)

March 13th by Black Ink Team

The phrase 'it takes a village' would apply to hydraulic systems, if pipe fittings were villagers. Here is the concluding part of a two-part series on what all the pipe fittings are that go into complex piping systems.

What Is Precision Farming And How Will It Affect Ag Machinery Sales?

March 8th by Black Ink Team

Farmers aren't toiling with just oxen and bronze in the Fertile Crescent anymore.... Here is an explanation of several of the innovations that are changing the agriculture industry today and how they will affect farm implement sales.

How Powersports Dealers Benefit From 'One-Stop' Financing

March 8th by Black Ink Team

Here is an explanation why powersports dealers who rely on credit to fill their inventory and offer finance packages to their customers should look no further than 'one-stop' financing solutions.

How CRM Can Be Used To Improve Customer Retention

March 8th by Black Ink Team

What is a tool that can a) help you identify your competitive advantages and b) assist you in capitalizing on them? Why CRM, of course!