February 7, 2017 Press Release

Black Ink Technologies helps Independent Power Equipment Distributors grow faster.

New geographic information system (GIS) functionality, called Opportunity Zones, is built specifically for territory managers at full-service power equipment distributors.

Boston, MA. (February 07, 2017) — Today, Black Ink Technologies, a SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment industry, announced another function within its GeoMap functionality upgrade.

“Territory managers from full-service distributors are often tasked trying to find the next best independent dealer to add in their territory. To effectively conduct the analysis, it can take many, many man hours, and sometimes the outcomes are not as accurate or complete. Black Ink Technologies automates the entire effort so sales people can spend more time selling, and less time manually building erroneous reports,” states Jeff Winsper, President of Black Ink Technologies.

Black Ink’s Opportunity Zone uses machine learning to process over 15 different data variables at once, uniquely analyzing each of the 43,000 US zip codes Data variables being analyze include population density, population growth, manufacturer’s product transactions, income, dealer performance, competitor’s presence, market penetration rates, market size potential, and more.

In one click on the geo-map, the territory manager can now see their entire territory growth opportunity in a heat map, plus the location and contact information of any independent dealer prospects. They can also quickly toggle between dealers’ customer locations to understand the different areas served by different dealers.

There are over 30,000 independent dealer prospects available in the platform across the US, plotted by type (e.g. hardware, farm and ranch, OPE, garden centers, landscape supply retailers (e.g. SiteOne), super regionals such as Ace Hardware, Do It Best, Menards, SunBelt rentals, Tractor Supply), by mass retailers (e.g. Lowes and Home Depot), and by manufacturers they represent (e.g. Kawasaki, Toro, Exmark, ECHO, John Deere, Mahindra).

For territory sales managers or national sales managers, it helps them discover the best growth opportunities across states, and counties allowing them to redistrict or redistribute territories where untapped potential exists. This arms the sales managers to have the most informed conversations from multiple angles of opportunity. This also enables more precise forecasting and planning for independent dealer development.

For more information about Black Ink Technologies or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

About Black Ink Technologies

Black Ink Technologies provides the leading SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment manufacturers and the independent dealers supply chain. It’s EyeOn Product Suite improves customer acquisition, repeat purchases and upselling growth opportunities for sales, marketing and P&L leaders so they can sell more products and services, smarter and faster For more information or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

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