January 1, 2017 Press Release

Black Ink Technologies Announces Upgraded User Interface for Power Equipment Territory Managers to Support Independent Dealer Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Leading power equipment analytics solution specifically designed for manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, and independent dealers supply chain, adds flexibility for national sales managers and field sales managers

Boston, MA. (January 1, 2017) — Today, Black Ink Technologies, a SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment >, a SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment industry, announced its newly upgraded user interface (UI) designed for its product, the EyeOn Product Suite.

Powerful, yet practical, EyeOn’s new user interface (“UI”) makes it faster and easier to use by mobile territory managers and sales leadership to help identify new revenue growth opportunities across their designated territories. Specifically, it enables accelerated product sales to existing dealers, transforms low performing dealers into high performing dealers, and identifies new dealers to open-up in their territory.

“Most distributors must cobble together ERP, Business Intelligence, and CRM systems because they are not specifically designed for the Power Equipment supply chain. This causes undue pressure on limited IT resources, leaving sales people challenged to get fast, accurate and actionable data with little to no compelling forward-looking insights. Furthermore, the current shortcomings with current systems is they typically can only report on historical ‘rear-view’ product sell-in data, not real-time sell-through information,” said Jeff Winsper, President of Black Ink Technologies. “Why does this matter? For independent dealers to compete with mass retail channels and other competing sales channels, they need customer and inventory analytics to be more nimble and profitable.”

Because EyeOn’s new offering is specifically designed for the power equipment manufacturers and the independent dealer network, both the dealer and sales person can now make smarter and effective growth-based decisions such as additional optimal product mix growth opportunities during booking seasons, ongoing product replenishment, and identifying which dealers to recruit. This streamlined UI can reduce hundreds of man hours building manual reports, and more time focused on proper product projections ordering, avoid fragmented, intermittent demand, out of stock reduction rates, and other meaningful decisions between a dealer and a rep.

Territory managers can now pinpoint growth opportunities by zip code, by customer type, by dealer type in no time. In just a few clicks, manufacturers and distributor’s territory managers can get powerful, performance-related answers about their territory including ‘How am I doing? How are my dealer’s doing? Who are my dealer’s customers? Where should I open up a new dealer.’”

For more information about Black Ink Technologies or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

About Black Ink Technologies

Black Ink Technologies provides the leading SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment manufacturers and the independent dealers supply chain. It’s EyeOn Product Suite improves customer acquisition, repeat purchases and upselling growth opportunities for sales, marketing and P&L leaders so they can sell more products and services, smarter and faster For more information or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

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