January 11, 2017 Press Release

Black Ink Technologies Announces New GeoMap 2.5 Functionality Upgrade to EyeOn Product Suite

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Leading power equipment analytics solution specifically designed for manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, and independent dealers supply chain, adds flexibility for a range of users

Boston, MA. (January 11, 2017) — Today, Black Ink Technologies, a SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment industry, announced its new GeoMap functionality upgrade (version 2.5), integrated within its EyeOn Product Suite.

“The new GeoMap is an extremely flexible solution for a range of users such as dealers, territory managers, national sales managers, marketing, and business strategists,” said Jeff Winsper, President of Black Ink Technologies. “Unlike other vanilla GIS systems (Geospatial Information Systems), EyeOn’s GeoMap is built for the power equipment manufacturing sector with relevant, pre-loaded industry data and filters ready to be immediately analyzed, versus having users manually building cumbersome maps which takes too much time, increases the risk of data errors, out of date data, or inability to overlay and process large data sets in seconds.”

For territory managers and sales management of full-service distributors, it also helps users quickly and effectively understand how to find the best, new dealers, as well as demonstrate to an existing dealer the effects of adding new dealers within close proximity.

For manufacturers and OEMs, it can demonstrate key planning and managing business indicators such as market penetration, by zip code, county or a specific region of the United States. This helps them understand how much growth opportunity exists across all of the distribution network, as we all provides inight on how to redistrict their field sales force to focus where the growth lies.

For dealers who want to execute more precise target marketing, the new GeoMap gives incredibly detailed information to understand who is buying what from where, and where the opportunity lies to get new high-value end-user buyers into the dealer’s front door.

Pre-loaded data into the GeoMap platform, from the entire United States down to the street-view level, is the location and makeup of points of trade, including over 30,000 independent dealers, by type (e.g. hardware, farm and ranch, OPE, garden centers, landscape supply retailers (e.g. SiteOne), super regionals such as Ace Hardware, Do It Best, Menards, SunBelt rentals, Tractor Supply), by mass retailers (e.g. Lowes and Home Depot), and by manufacturers they represent (e.g. Kawasaki, Toro, Exmark, ECHO, John Deere, Mahindra). In addition, all consumers’ age, income, location, and professionals (e.g. landscapers, farmers, municipalities, arborists) are available. Upon login, each territory representative will be able to see a much more enriching view of his/her territory including existing dealers, prospective dealers by type, dealer’s end-user buyer/customer counts and location, shared customers by dealers, repeat and new customer counts, market penetration, lifetime value for each customer, product registrations plotting, and identification of growth opportunities by geo-location. With one click, users can easily filter the geo-plotting for time of purchase, dealer of purchase, product of purchase, type of customers, to name a few options.

For more information about Black Ink Technologies or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

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Black Ink Technologies provides the leading SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment manufacturers and the independent dealers supply chain. It’s EyeOn Product Suite improves customer acquisition, repeat purchases and upselling growth opportunities for sales, marketing and P&L leaders so they can sell more products and services, smarter and faster For more information or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

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