frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can EyeOn enable my sales force to be more efficient?
EyeOn is a comprehensive platform that takes into consideration the whole ecosystem that surrounds your dealer network: from distributors and competitors to local macro- and micro-economic factors. As a result, deep insights into market performance, and growth opportunities can be gained by using the platform.
How can I learn more about my market using EyeOn?
The EyeOn platform is focused on providing your sales force with key insights on your dealers, your dealers’ customers, and territory performance with a few easy clicks on an interactive user interface. EyeOn runs complex analytics behind the scenes and eliminates time consuming manual report building for your sales force, while more quickly identifying opportunities for growth. The platform will increase the efficiency of your sales force and quickly equip them with the most relevant insights.
How can EyeOn help with Dealer Development?
EyeOn analyzes hundreds of variables within a geo-economic context and runs machine learning algorithms to quickly identify heat map zones for the best dealer development opportunities. Among other variables, our algorithm identifies the highest-performing zones of opportunity by taking into consideration current dealer performance, socio-economic factors of the geo territories, competition, and projection scenarios for potential revenue.
What are some of the variables you use to conduct advanced analytics?
EyeOn uses various data sets such as population growth, customer segments, competitive presence in a local market, current dealer saturation, product sales trends, and dozens more.