July 17, 2017 Press Release

Black Ink Technologies joins the Outdoor Power Equipment Engine Service Association (OPEESA)


Boston, MA. (July 17, 2017) — Today, Black Ink Technologies, a SaaS analytics solution specifically designed to enable sales success in the power equipment and engine industry, announces its partnership with the Outdoor Power Equipment and Engine Service Association (OPEESA).

OPEESA helps power outdoor power equipment and engine distributor success through meaningful industry collaboration and dealer development among its membership base of more than 100 distributors and manufacturers of outdoor power equipment and air-cooled gas and diesel engines.

Black Ink offers a suite of solutions targeting demand tracking, professional relationship development, dealer development and opportunity scoring to quickly enable a power equipment distributor, manufacturer, or dealer, to sell more – smarter and faster

“We are honored to be a new member of this prestigious and very influential organization,” said Jeff Winsper, President and Founder at Black Ink. “Working with some of its members now, we are relentless in learning more from other leading companies and appropriately contribute to the organization.”

Between the close mission alignment of Black Ink and OPEESA, and Black Ink’s current engagement and enablement of multiple members of OPEESA, Black Ink is a natural fit to join as a member of such a noteworthy organization.

For more information about Black Ink Technologies or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

About Black Ink Technologies

Black Ink Technologies provides the leading SaaS analytics solution specifically designed for power equipment manufacturers and the independent dealers supply chain. It’s EyeOn Product Suite improves customer acquisition, repeat purchases and upselling growth opportunities for sales, marketing and P&L leaders so they can sell more products and services, smarter and faster For more information or to request an EyeOn Product Suite demonstration, please visit http://blackinktech.com/.

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